simplicity at its best.

1. Artlessness of mind; freedom from cunning or duplicity; lack of acuteness and sagacity.
2. Freedom from artificial ornament, pretentious style, or luxury; plainness; as, simplicity of dress, of style, or of language; simplicity of diet; simplicity of life.

Bullet journal + chronodex(I’m giving it a shot so I’m sorry if I’m doing it wrong)
❝ Some days I woke up and got out of bed and brushed my teeth like any normal human being; some days I woke up and lay in bed and looked at the ceiling and wondered what the hell the point was of getting out of bed and brushing my teeth like any normal human being.
— It’s Kind of a Funny Story (Ned Vizzini)

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(by steven hung)
❝ Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you.
— Paulo Coelho (via quietendeavours)

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❝ You know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything’s different.
 Bill Watterson (via teenager90s)